• Andrew Martin’s legislative experience and the relationships he has built with other elected officials, business and community leaders will help break gridlock and forge consensus.

  • Citizen engagement is essential to good government and critical to the success of the state. We deserve to know the “bang for the buck” on programs we fund.

  • By engaging community leaders and business owners in robust discussions about the financial health and future prospects of Nevada we can create a connection between the work of the Controller’s office and the needs of the state.

  • Andrew Martin will make sure the worldwide financial community knows that Nevada is the right place to invest and grow their business.

  • Andrew Martin will work closely with the other constitutional officers to improve Nevada’s business climate in order to improve our economy and stimulate job creation.

  • Martin supports creating a dedicated revenue stream for education and a protected education fund.

  • Fiscal responsibility and accountability isn’t just a campaign slogan, it is what Andrew Martin believes in.

  • Andrew Martin understands Nevada’s finances. He has worked on Nevada’s budget and knows what needs to be done to improve our economy.

  • Andrew Martin’s extensive professional experience makes him uniquely qualified to be a financial guardian of Nevada’s tax-dollars.


Contribute to Martin For Nevada

Dear Neighbors

It has been a great pleasure serving in the Nevada State Assembly, on the Nevada Economic Forum and on the Clark County School District Bond Oversight Committee. This public service has allowed me to develop deep insights into the challenges our state faces, and provided me an opportunity to utilize my financial and business expertise to help craft effective solutions.

The Nevada State Controller is the Chief Fiscal Officer, responsible for managing the State’s accounting system, and collecting debts owed to the state. I am a Certified Public Accountant with 28 years of professional experience, including 20 years running my own business. I currently operate a CPA firm that has performed complex audit work for clients as high profile as the Executive Office of the President of the United States. With your support I will utilize this professional experience to serve Nevada by ensuring fiscal compliance with our constitution, federal laws and state statutes.

I understand Nevada’s finances. As a current Assemblyman and former member of the Economic Forum I have worked on Nevada’s budget and know what needs to be done to improve our economy. My extensive professional experience makes me uniquely qualified to be a financial guardian of Nevada’s tax-dollars. My priority is to improve the State’s fiscal oversight, debt collection and accountability, which will benefit the economic health of Nevada and improve our outlook for the future.  That includes making government agencies more customer-friendly and implementing best practices for real-time performance reporting.

I encourage you to reach out to me personally and let me know your thoughts and concerns by sending an email to or calling me directly at 702-724-8349.

Thank you,
Andrew Martin
7345 S. Durango Drive Suite B107-319
Las Vegas, NV 89113